Ever Felt Like You Are Falling Short Of Your Goals Or Worried You Are Not Going To Hit Them?
Heres 4 Constructive Ways You Can Be More Productive In Your Home Business.

Its totally normal by the way to doubt yourself or to think you cant do it.
Your mind will do that from time to time, throw a spanner in the works and tell you to….. quit.
That’s when you know you are exiting your comfort zone.. Its a great indication.

How can we be constructive rather than destructive towards ourselves to increase the chances of hitting these goals ?

1) Give it time! The issue here is most people join MLM in periods of pain and frustration meaning they want to fix things ASAP.
That’s totally fine i mean you need something to fuel you right ?

However understand this wont happen overnight, its going to be a slog, its going to be a journey.
Just like it would of been at your job, you didn’t know EVERYTHING in the first few days you had to feel and learn as you went along.
Approaching your business with a smile and patience sounds cheesy but i promise you it will make things easier!

2) Find pockets of time to do more!
Most problems in this industry can be fixed by working a little bit harder… Thats a fact.
You can always produce MORE, message more and call more couldn’t you ?

So if you are falling short rather than being annoyed find pockets of time.
Could you go to bed 20 mins later? Could you get up 20 mins earlier ?
If you drink 10 cups of tea per day (Taking an average of 2 mins each to make) could you drink water and save the time ?

That doesn’t sound much but by the end of the week that’s an extra 2+ hours on your business!
Could you use cooking devices like slow cookers for some meals to save on prep ?
It hasn’t got to be big because even small changes will compound to big results over time.

3) Adjust perception – Sometimes its so hard to see things from a different point of view when it involves us.
The best way i can explain this is imagine a giant beach ball(The multi colored ones).
If we all stood round the outside of the room and blew the ball up to the size of the room so we are pushed against the wall.
Then we asked everyone what color the ball was…. We would all have different answers based on the view we saw.

Red, yellow, blue, white etc
So understand sometimes looking from a different angle or taking a step back can completely change a situation. 
If you are frustrated take 5 to just freshen up and come and take another look at it.
Better to approach problems positive rather than frustrated.

4) Treat it like a job! – If you want it to pay you full time you have to be working it like a full time job.
Sure time freedom is possible eventually but to start its going to take time.
Also with your day job sometimes you have to get your head down and do crappy jobs you dont like.

This industry is the same you wont LOVE it all. However sometimes you have to grit your teeth and get on with it.
If you can do more its better to just do more rather than complain about doing more… If that makes sense?

Hope you enjoyed this blog

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